News Of The Arrival Of The New General Manager


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TO: all colleagues

FM: Board of Directors

SUB: newly appointed general manager

DATE: June 15, 2020

According to the company`s business long-term development and strategy, we are honored to hereby announce that Ronnie Wong will officially join our company as the General Manager starting from 15th. June. 2020, and he will be in charge of overall operation management and responsible directly to the board of directors of our company.

Ronnie Wong is from Singapore and has more than 30 years rich management experience in large and medium-sized multinational companies and private ones, such as Compaq Computer, Thomson, TTI, etc., usually served as higher executive, like general manager of Greater China region, vice president and the president, and worth to mention that Ronnie Wong has worked in China for about 20 years and has deep knowledge in manufacturing industry in terms of management system, procedure optimization, efficiency improvement and business development. Especially in electronics, electric appliances, and electromechanical industries.

Ronnie Wong holds different academic degrees in areas of mechanical engineering, industrial, business and financial management. He received a bachelor degree in business management from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia, and some other professional certificates from the Central Institute of Technology in London, U.K and financial management at the Singapore Management Institute.

There is no doubt that with Ronnie Wong`s joining, the operational management of our company will be further improved and at the same time, he will lead the company to develop and build more markets, win more customers and gain industry reputations.

Let us warmly welcome Ronnie Wong to join our family again. I sincerely hope that everyone will give him strong support and cooperate with his work.

TOMUU Board of Directors