Welcome Mr. Ye Zhen As Assistant General Manager Of TOMUU (Dongguan) Actuator Technology Co., Ltd.


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Ye Zhen Deputy General ManagerAccording to the demand of TOMUU’s business development prospects and long-term operational strategy, we grandly announce that Mr.Ye Zhen formally joins the company as assistant general manager on March 15th, 2021. Mr.Ye will be responsible for the overall operation and management of the company and be directly responsible to the Board of Directors.


Mr.Ye has more than 30 years of experience in a senior management position in medium and large military-industrial enterprises and foreign-funded enterprises. Before joining Tomuu, he respectively served as technical director, asistant general manager, and engineering manager in 860 Factory, internationally renowned companies such as RadioShack, Euro Tec, and TCL Electronics. He has a more comprehensive understanding and high attainment in the overall industrial management system of the industrial enterprise; accumulating rich experience in operation and management in the electronics, electrical and electromechanical; possessing rich working experience in product development, technology management, standard formulation, project investment, and technology innovation system.


As a qualified senior manager, Mr.Ye obtains a degree in the fields of engineering materials, electronic information, and investment analysis. He was hired as a review expert for government-industry and technology development; served as a consultant for government technology and industry policy and military-civilian integration technology transfer; holds membership in many associations including China Satellite Navigation and Positioning association.


There is no doubt that the joining of Mr.Ye will elevate Tomuu’s overall operation and management to a higher stage. Meanwhile, he will also lead the company to achieve greater development space and win more costomer and industry reputation.