TOMUU—The Leader Of Solar Tracking Electric Actuator In The Industry


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    Tomuu (Dongguan) Actuator Technology Co., Ltd. is a company that committed to the design, development, manufacturing, sales, and service of electric linear actuators. Our products involve solar tracking, smart home, medical care, industrial machinery, animal husbandry. Especially in the field of solar tracking, after continuous technological innovation and product optimization, Tomuu has achieved leapfrog development. Tomuu has become the leader in the industry with a number of advanced technology and invention patents. Occupying 36% of the global solar tracking electric actuator market, it plays an increasingly important role in solar photovoltaic power generation and CSP tracking systems. Tomuu has not only made breakthroughs in design and R&D, but also improved and optimized the production process while ensuring quality. While improving quality and reduces costs, it has a price advantage compared with peers of the same quality. Tomuu’s market share continues to expand with its professionalism and cost-effectiveness.


    Maintaining long-term cooperation relationship with national solar energy giant corporations and international solar energy giant corporations, Tomuu has become the designated supplier of some large and medium-sized solar energy companies. Our products had been sold to many countries such as Middle East, South Africa, North America, Europe, and India. The annual export volume of electric actuators is among the top three in the world, and coordination with major companies is getting higher and higher.


    With the upsurge of solar photovoltaic power generation and solar thermal power generation, Tomuu has moved forward with customers to adapt to the latest technology and development requirements of solar tracking. We have a strong solar project R&D and design team with the most excellent mechanical engineers and electronic engineers in the industry, which has provided continuous power for the design and optimization of the shape and structure of solar electric actuators.