The advantage of linear actuator for solar systems


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 The advantages of linear actuators for solar systems

Linear actuators for solar systems offer a variety of performance advantages, such as their realization of automatic and synchronous control. Because of this, they have been widely applied in solar power facilities, military installations, and metallurgical applications. They serve as an ideal alternative to older motion control devices and other outdated equipment. Linear actuators for solar systems have been indispensable since their introduction into this industry. Below, we will expand upon the details of their advantages to understand why more and more clients have begun adopting them for their solar systems.

The advantage of linear actuator for solar systems

(1) High quality materials

Our linear actuators for solar systems are produced using aging resistant materials and come equipped with effective dust covers. Their nuts and turbines are manufactured using aluminum bronze and tin bronze as these materials provide excellent wear resistance and lubrication. Their metal shells are steel with a surface oxidation and spray treatments. Their plastic shells are made of plastic reinforced by nylon. And finally, their guide tubes are made of alumina. These materials ensure the linear actuators have a good appearance and outstanding performance.

(2) More selective

According to the requirements submitted by clients, linear actuators for solar systems can be completely customized to ensure their practicality and cost performance. Their front and rear-end mounting connectors have various types to meet your different requirements. The mounting connectors can be processed and modified to meet the specific application requirements and deliver high safety performance. They can be fixed with switches to prevent current overload.

(3) Low cost

As these linear actuators do not have traditional tanks, oil pumps, air compressors, pipeline equipment, or complicated devices, they are extremely cost effective. Not only does this result in lower costs but it helps avoid pollution. Therefore, our linear actuators for solar systems are both energy saving and environmentally friendly.