Combine Harvester


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Combine Harvester

TOMUU’s linear actuators for various farming applications are representative of the ancient practice of farming evolving into a modernized industry where science and technology are enhancing the way things are done.

 Combine Harvester


Linear actuators developed by Tomuu are small in size, lightweight and conveniently installed.

They come equipped with a high precision rod and motor which ensure high positioning accuracy with a short response time.

Our linear actuators are highly durable. Front-end rod types provide different kinds of bonding modes for you to choose from.

Combine Harvester

The linear actuator system in combine harvesters is used to control the movement of the harvested cereals. Due to the dusty working environment, the linear actuator system needs to meet all severe requirements for open air environment with extreme conditions. To ensure good quality and meet all of these requirements, all involved tests will be carried out on every product from Tomuu, including waterproof tests, dust-proof tests, shock resistance tests and even UV tests.