TOMUU heavy duty linear actuators for solar systems


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TOMUU heavy duty linear actuators for solar systems

Heavy duty linear actuators designed and manufactured by TOMUU have been widely used in solar tracking systems.

The U10 linear actuator is designed for both solar tracking systems and outdoor industrial applications. The device offers a high maximum load capacity with a compact structure that delivers excellent performance and a long service life. These actuators are primarily used to control the movement of solar panels and heliostats so as to ensure the solar system can absorb the maximum amount of sunlight during the day, thus improving electric output by as much as 30-50%.

The maximum dynamic load is up to 20000N (4000lbs). The U10 linear actuator is perfect for applications that require a large max load capacity with only a small space for installation. It can be used in numerous applications including robotics, solar tracking systems, and various types of automated industrial equipment.

TOMUU heavy duty linear actuators for solar systems

Parameters of the U10 linear actuator

Voltage: 12/24/36/48V DC

Max load: 30000N

No-load velocity:1.7~2.0mm/s

Full-load velocity:1.3~1.5mm/s

Stroke: 30-1200mm

Minimum installation distance: s+310mm

Waterproof classIP65

Temperature-25℃ ~ +65℃

TOMUU linear actuators deliver high speed, high precision, high max load capacity, and provide a long service life as they are well adapted to harsh environments. They are ideal replacements for hydraulic cylinders and can be widely used in various types of automobiles, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, and much more.

They are able to withstand harsh environments thanks to their reliable design, wide operating temperature range, water-proof properties, and outstanding corrosion resistance. They can work in environments where they may be exposed to fertilizer, mud, sand, slush, saltwater, etc.

They can be widely used in:

· Agricultural machinery, road maintenance

· Constructional engineering

· Ships, yachts, and drilling platforms

· Food industry

· Train, tram

· Mining equipment

· Military

Our linear actuators provide industry leading velocity, vibration resistance, and impact resistance. They can work stably at 100% load capacity and provide both digital and analog feedback options without increasing their volume. The linear position sensors are non-contact so as to ensure the service life of the feedback device is as long as that of the linear actuator itself. They avoid signal distortions caused by abrasion; therefore, a recalibration system is not needed.