How Do Electric Actuators Connect To Farming Environmental Controller?


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    The environmental controller can realize the automatic control of temperature in the farm, ventilation system, and cooling system, as well as the accurate measurement of breeding system, drinking water system, and intelligent control of lighting system.

How Does Electric Actuator Connects To Farming Environmental Controller?

    The microcomputer environmental controller is based on the signal of temperature and humidity sensor, through a series of measures such as ventilation, heating, and wet curtain to control the environment in a designed region to meet the requirements of livestock and poultry growth.

    Its computer chip can store various environmental control programs. On the one hand, it can realize automatic discharge of ammonia, fresh air replenishment, heating and heat preservation, wet curtain spray cooling, and fault alert functions. On the other hand, it also carries out data networking communication, remote detection and maintenance. It can automatically operate under unattended conditions.

    Electric actuator U12, produced by TOMUU corporation, is an actuator specially designed for ventilation system. U12 has a built-in 10K imported potentiometer sensor, which can couple its expansion signal back. As the actuator extends, the ohmic resistance of the potentiometer gradually increases, starting from 0.25k to 10k. The imported potentiometer has a nearly zero fault rate, and its feedback is timely and accurate.

How Does Electric Actuator Connects To Farming Environmental Controller?

The Performance Characteristics Of The Environmental Controller AC2000:

1. Fully enclosed waterproof case, IP65. Easy to install, large LCD display, good operation interface, convenient parameter setting.

2. It has 8 control stages, and the control objects are constant speed fans, cooling equipment and heaters.

How Does Electric Actuator Connects To Farming Environmental Controller?

3. It has two temperature sensors and one humidity sensor that can accurately obtain the average temperature in a short response time.

4. Through the temperature curve and ventilation curve set with six fixed points, the controller can automatically adjust the

5. Setting value and ventilation cycle.   

6. Horizontal and vertical ventilation switching mode selection.   

7. The temperature compensation setting makes the breeding room environment more comfortable.   

8. The simulation operation of the controller allows the user to master the essentials. 

9. Protection measures: When the controller fails, built-in ventilation to avoid catastrophic accidents.   

10.  Fan start protection.   

11. The controller can be connected to the computer so that the information management is centralized and the control strategy can be distinguished.

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