TOMUU-U12 Ventilation Actuator
TOMUU-U12 Ventilation Actuator

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Product Description

Linear Actuators U12 is designed specially for livestock farming industry, which couldbe adapted to 120V or 230V AC. IP66 waterproof level, 500kg load capacity and adjustable installation length are its advantages.

Product Parameter


TOMUU-U12   Agricultural Ventilation


Product Feature

  • The linear actuator features a large maximum load capacity, high speed, and high positioning accuracy.

  • Its shell features an excellent corrosion resistance and requires no maintenance.

  • This product is waterproof, dustproof, and features an excellent resistance to salt spray, making it ideal for harsh environments.

  • It uses a metal gearbox and features a long service life.

  • It is designed with a strong and durable structure.

  • The installation dimensions are freely adjustable.

  • It can be equipped with a 1K/10K potentiometer.

  • This linear actuator is designed for ventilation systems in agriculture and animal husbandry industries.

Product Demension

  • TOMUU-U12 Ventilation Actuator


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TOMUU-U12   Agricultural Ventilation

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  • TOMUU-U1

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TOMUU-U12 Ventilation Actuator

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