TOMUU-U5B Furniture Actuator
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TOMUU-U5B  Furniture Actuator

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Product Description

The U5B compact linear actuator is a simplified version of the U5 model motorized linear actuator. The size of the gear box, inner tube, outer tube and slider is smaller than the U5 model motorized linear actuator, making it applicable for use in electric furniture that requires a lighter load.

Product Parameter



Code of Parameters

codeRated laod (N)Rated current (A)Rated speed (mm/s)
Standard motor (2800RPM)
High Speed Motor(3400RPM)

Product Feature

  • TOMUU-U5B  Furniture Actuator

  • The linear actuator features a large maximum load capacity, a high speed, a high positioning accuracy, and an excellent self-locking performance.

  • It is equipped with a built-in limit switch. The motor will automatically turn off at the end of each stroke.

  • It features a small size, large maximum load capacity, and low weight.

  • This product is designed with a strong and durable structure.

  • It carries out a variety of functions, including lift, drop, tilt, and rotate.

  • A manual controller and power source is optional.

  • This linear actuator is widely used in electric massage sofas, electric beds, massage chairs and other electric or motorized furniture.

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  • TOMUU-U1

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TOMUU-U5B  Furniture Actuator