TOMUU-U10 Industry Actuator
TOMUU-U10 Industry Actuator

Industrial Motion

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Product Description

TOMUU U10 Linear Actuator is an Industry Actuator,  and is a robust and powerful actuator, designed for heavy-duty applications in harsh environments like industrial equipment and oudoor. It features high load capability, long lifetime and low power consumption. 

Product Parameter


TOMUU-U10 Industry Actuator

Code of Parameters

codeRated laod(N)Rated current(A)Rated speed(mm/s)

Comment: when the voltage changes from 24V to 12V, the current will be doubled.

Product Feature

  • The linear actuator features a large maximum load capacity and excellent reliability.

  • Its shell features an excellent corrosion resistance.

  • This product is waterproof, dustproof, and has an excellent resistance to salt spray, making it ideal for use in harsh environments.

  • It uses a metal gearbox and features a long service life.

  • This linear actuator is designed with a stable, durable structure.

  • It requires very minimal maintenance and features a low energy consumption.

  • The linear actuator has a self-locking function and is easy to install.

  • It has three different installation methods: handle on tube, trunnion on tube, and front-rear.

  • This heavy-duty linear actuator is widely used in photovoltaic industries for mounting solar trackers.

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TOMUU-U10 Industry Actuator

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TOMUU-U10 Industry Actuator

TOMUU-U10 Industry Actuator

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  • TOMUU-U10 Industry Actuator

  • TOMUU-U1

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TOMUU-U10 Industry Actuator