Application Case Of Electric Window Opener


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    The application range of electric actuators has been expanded with the development of technology and the improvement of living standards. It was no longer limited to a certain industry. Electric actuators had been widely applied in daily lives such as automatic window openers, medical equipment, solar trackers, agricultural equipment, and furniture. TOMUU catches up with the trend of times and has developed multiple types of electric actuators for all professions and trades.


The application of electric actuators for window opener:

    The electric actuator is a new type of actuator whose main compositions are motor, pushrod, and control device. It can realize remote control and centralized control. The reciprocating motion performed by an electric actuator within a certain range of travel. Generally, its standard stroke are 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm, 350mm, 400mm. The stroke and load can be designed and customized according to different application conditions.


Application Case Of Electric Window Opener

Application of window opener:

  1. Windows that were installed too high or too far away cannot be reached easily.

  2. Heavy windows that are too hard to open and close.

  3. There are fire protection requirements: the floor design requires electric smoke exhaust windows.

  4. There are requirements for opening/closing windows by weather, such as automatically closing in strong wind and heavy rain.

  5. There are requirements for controlling the indoor constant temperature, such as automatically opening in high temperature.

  6. There are strict requirements for indoor air index, such as timely ventilation.

  7. Window requires better closing and sealing strength.

  8. Other special occasions, such as chemical industry, dust, etc.


Several factors should be considered when choosing an electric actuator for window openers:

  1. Firstly, determine the type of your windows: top-hung, bottom-hung, center-hung, skylight, sliding window, side opening window, inclined window, or other special windows/devices. Select different electric actuators according to different window types.

  2. The power supply voltage of window opener: AC220V, DC24V, ad DC48V. Select different electric actuators according to different window openers.

  3. Opening stroke: convert the required opening angle into the straight-line distance. For example, the opening angle of the curtain wall is less than 30 degrees, then it is haft the height of the wall.

  4. The opening force of the electric actuator for window opener: generally, its force is between 50KG—1000KG. Electric actuator window openers are commonly used in hotels, stadiums, and dance halls. According to the working principle of the electric actuator, the windows can be opened and closed easily, it also can cooperate with other transmission mechanisms to open various types of windows like building skylights, blinds, side-hung windows, and upper/lower/hung windows.


Application Case Of Electric Window Opener

    TOMUU (Dongguan) Actuator Technology Co., Ltd. is a company that specializes in manufacturing customized electric actuators. Focusing on small electric actuators for 30 years, we have an elite team of R&D, production, and sales and service. The categories of product applications: medical equipment, small home, sports equipment, solar tracker, window opener, automobile, and industrial equipment.

We have several advantages:

  1. 30 years of manufacturing electric actuator experience, always strive for improvement. Cooperating with TOMUU enterprise from England, our company has been comprehensively enhanced, especially the R&D capacity so as to fully meet customer’s needs and technical issues. Our company has strong R&D capabilities, and various testing equipment is readily available.

  2. Ensuring product quality, increasing cost performance. Our company has a flexible and radical supply chain system, it can meet the delivery requirements of various customers. JIT HUB can be established according to the customer’s order condition to save the customer’s inventory costs and increase the capital turnover rate.

  3. Rich products, diversified styles, all-around and multilevel to meet customer customization needs.

  4. Ensured quick delivery by the scientific and complete management system and production process.

  5. Outstanding technical service team that responses quick.