Electric Actuator Designed For Australian Customer


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    An Australian company that specializes in manufacturing various types of greenhouses. Recently they wanted to design a new product with an intelligent electric window opening feature, hoping for technical assistance from TOMUU company.


Electric Actuator Designed For Australian Customer

    At first, our customer was interested in electric actuator U7 for the window opener. In terms of parameters, U7 did fully meet their requirements, but after our technical staff had deeper communication with the company, we gave more considerations to what’s best for them such as ease of installation, synchronization, and price. Therefore, we introduced the model UG42. It has the advantages of easier to install, can synchronize with other electric actuators, and cheaper in price. The customer decided to purchase both U7 and UG42 for testing. After about half a month of testing, they picked UG42 and placed an order for 200 units.


    The model UG42 is an electric linear actuator specially designed for window openers. Its diameter is 42mm, the load is 440 pounds, waterproof level IP66, and has an artistic appearance. This is mainly due to the professionalism and product quality of TOMUU.


Electric Actuator Designed For Australian Customer

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