Farming Intelligent Environmental Control Equipment Produced By TOMUU


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    Intelligent environmental control equipment can real-time automatically monitor, transfer and receive information about the environment in the farm, which includes carbon dioxide, ammonia gas, temperature, humidity, water quality, timely alert, feeding, water diversion, and excretion, etc. It also can give warnings of abnormal conditions to reduce losses.


The Advantages Of Farming Intelligent Environmental Equipment:

Timely alert: The farming intelligent environmental control system has a real-time alert feature. When any of the parameters that monitored reach the alert condition, it will provide sound and corresponding value fleshing alert, and will send announcements through emails, text messages, and many other ways to associated managers and owner.


Farming Intelligent Environmental Control Equipment Produced By TOMUU

Historical data analyses: It has a historical data query feature, supports data query in any period in the past, provides data basis for some sudden emergencies. It also can summarize the corresponding change law by examining the changing trend of a certain period in the past to learn some valuable experiences.

Real-time monitoring: It can provide real-time data such as temperature, humidity, ammonia gas, carbon dioxide concentration, hydrogen sulfide, illuminance, atmospheric pressure.

Intelligent control: It can access various types of fans, wet curtains, and ventilation equipment. You can customize the type of equipment and the quantity of equipment that you want to access.

 Farming Intelligent Environmental Control Equipment Produced By TOMUU

    TOMUU (Dongguan) Actuator Technology Corporation has put its continuous effort in the innovation of the field of farming intelligent environmental control system, strive to make progress. After many years of independent technology development and the collection of actual data with the cooperation of many farmers, TOMUU has launched its latest version of the electric actuator with environmental control ventilation equipment. Electric actuators that are produced by TOMUU can be personalized and customized. We also provide solution plans for our customers.

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