Custom Linear Actuator


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Custom Linear Actuator

Need a custom linear actuators for your project? We can help!

We provide motion control systems as well as complete motion system solutions.

Our motion control products are used in many industries, and for these various industries there are different requirements regarding the motion control system. To meet the requirements, we set 9 parameters in the customization of the electric actuators. We will produce the individual motion control products according to your defined parameters. In the customization process, we have professional staff members who will contact you. All you need to provide is the simplest answer of what you need, and we will get to work creating the most suitable design and will send out a sample as quickly as possible. Even if you don’t have a clear plan for your product, you can contact us and we will provide professional consultation.

Key paramtersCustom Linear Actuator
  • Voltage: 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V(for high-power electric appliance)

  • Stroke: 30-800mm(for medical products), 30-1200mm(for industrial appliance including photovoltaic module)

  • Installation distance: U1, U2: 1)163±3+S; 2)173±3+S; 3)183±3+S; U4: 100mm-1250mm; U5:157mm (the most common), U6:120±3+S; U7:108±3+S; U9:130±3+S;U10:320±10+S;U12:285±3+S;

  • Max-load: U1:6000N, U2:8000N; U4:8000N; U5:6000N; U6:3000N; U7:2000N; U9:5000N; U10:20000N; U10L:12000N; U10P:30000N; U12:5000N

  • Full-load velocity: rated velocity referring to the corresponding database(the heavier the load, the lower the velocity)

  • No-load velocity: refer to corresponding database

  • Noise level: less than 52 dB for furniture and medical products, 60-80dB for industrial products.

  • Waterproof level: maximum to IP66

  • Feedback signal: Hall signal or potentiometer

Required specificationCustom Linear Actuator
  • front-end aperture: customized (shape, size, material and optional pipe cap)

  • Rear-end aperture: customized

  • Color: black, gunmetal-grey, white, ivory-white, brown

  • Screw:stainless steel

  • Limit switch: all types of built-in limit switch

  • Connector: refer to corresponding database

  • Type of cable: refer to corresponding database

  • Cable length: customized

  • Brake (for U1 and U2): two or one-cycle torsional spring

Customization flowCustom Linear Actuator
  • consult: clients provide information about what they need

  • Evaluation: evaluate according to information collected from clients and give an answer in 1-2 workdays

  • Make quotation: provide specific quotation with product parameters, specification, terms of delivery and payment

  • Confirm: both sides sign to confirm and determine the date of delivery

  • Order: place orders on ERP system and wait for response from involved department

  • Produce and pack the products

  • Delivery: Confirm the remaining payment, deliver products and upload logistics information

  • Receive: track logistics to make sure the clients receive the products

  • After-sales service

ServiceCustom Linear Actuator

       Pre-sales service
        Introduce the function and specific parameters of our products by website, e-mail, participating in trade fairs abroad and graphic information.                  Clear client demands and prepare quotation with specific information.

        After-sales service

         Investigate the usage of products by e-mail and share the information with producing department to upgrade products and improve its                           performance

         Spend free time visiting clients and investigating the usage of our products during participating in trade fairs aboard.

         If any damage occurs on our products, you can contact our customer service staff. They will ask you to send the damaged products to confirm               the cause of damage. If we find the damaged products have sufficient problems, we will deliver new products to you.