TOMUU Linear Actuator


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TOMUU Linear Actuator

TOMUU is a trustworthy manufacturing enterprise specializing in the development, production, and sales of electric linear actuators. We offer several types of linear actuators for you to choose from. Our products are widely used in several industries:

Comfort Furniture Applications: spa beds, lift desks, kitchenware, motorized TV lifts, electric recliners, electric adjustable beds, massage chairs, elderly recliner chairs, adjustable reclining foot massage sofas, and so on.
Actuator Solutions in Farming: Hospital beds, rehabilitation equipment, spa beds, dental chairs, CT scan equipment.
Linear Actuator for Solar Applications: solar photovoltaic power plants, solar thermal power plants and so on.
Industrial Linear Actuator: agricultural machinery, automatic feeding systems, garbage trucks, snow-plowing trucks, automatic sorting lines, roof top tents, motorized Christmas trees, and car trunks.
Linear Actuator for military: car radar, military police cars, tanks, submarine doors, searchlights.

Customization, Tailor-Made

There are different requirements for clients in various industries. We have the capabilities to handle all variations with our customized services.

TOMUU Linear Actuator

· Motor: DC motor(12V/24V/36V/48V), AC motor(110V/220V/240V/480V)

· Stroke:30-800mm for furniture, 30-1200mm for industrial products

· Size and installation of front-end and rear-end aperture: customized

· Feedback signal: Hall signal or potentiometer

· Cable: optional cable length and specification

· Color: black, Gunmetal grey, white, ivory-white, brown