Solar Tracking System


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Solar Tracking System

Time: 2016.06.07

Clients: Ukraine new energy corporation

Project information:
This client is a new energy corporation whose major focus is involved with solar power generation. To improve competitiveness, our client decided to develop a solar tracking system to improve electric output

Solar Tracking System


Voltage: 24V
Stroke: 900mm
Dynamic load: 800kg
Static load:1500kg
Waterproof class: IP65

The client's solar tracking system was still in development when we were originally contacting them. Due to the simple principle of solar tracking systems, we could make modifications to the former racking system to create a flexible tracking system by installing linear actuators and the corresponding control system. We recommend the solar tracker U4 with Hall sensor and 4 pairs of poles to obtain location feedback accurately. Its dynamic load capacity is up to 800kg to hold large solar panels(5x6m) and resist scale 8 typhoons whose velocity is about 20m/s. The company was satisfied with our solution and took two samples for testing. After 2 months, they made a perfect show at an exhibition and signed a contract with us to reserve 400 linear actuators.