Solar Power System


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Solar power system

Time: 2016.09.25

Clients: American solar corporation

Project information:
This client is a widely recognized solar power corporation mainly participating in solar EPC projects. They have several photovoltaic projects all over the America every year and have been focused on how to improve the electric output of solar systems. The tracking solar power system is the most effective and economical way to increase electrical output. Linear actuators are necessary in solar tracking power systems. The company used to adopt industrial linear actuators from a widely-recognized linear actuator manufacturer, which offers good quality products but is expensive. The expensive linear actuators made our client spend at least 10 years to recoup the cost. Tomuu participated in the solar power international exhibition held in Las Vegas in September 2017 and met with xx solar corporation, they presented several requirements for our products:

Solar Power System

Voltage: DC24V
Dynamic load: 2000kg
Static load: 3500kg
Full-load velocity: 1.5mm/s
Stroke: 808mm
Connector: Delphic aviation connector
Waterproof class: IP66
Control system: one control box with one handset and two linear actuators; one control box with one handset and three linear actuators.

After first contact at the exhibition, we modified our design several times and provided many samples for testing. Finally, we won the bid among several linear actuator manufacturers. Our electric motion control products can run more than 10000 times in outdoor tests under the condition of exceeding 50 percent of the rated duty cycle. Therefore, the expected working life of our product is more than 10 years of running 700 times a year. The price of our products are reasonable for xx solar corporation to recoup the cost in 2 years and meet all their requirements. From 2017 to now, we have exported more than 40000 heavy-load solar electric actuators.

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