TOMUU will forge ahead in 'riding the wind and breaking the waves


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In 2020, TOMUU will forge ahead in 'riding the wind and breaking the waves' In 2020, in the case of repeated epidemics, global economic downturn, and severe damage to foreign trade, TOMUU(DONGGUAN) Actuator Technology Co., Ltd. seized the opportunity, innovated technology, introduced the old and brought forth the new, integrated company resources, created high-level management, With unremitting efforts, TOMUU’s sales in the first half of the year increased year-on-year, the number of orders increased significantly, the production capacity increased significantly, the production equipment increased, the team of R&D personnel became stronger and stronger, its influence in the industry increased, and its market share Significant increase, and the plan for the first half of 2020 was over-fulfilled.

TOMUU will forge ahead in 'riding the wind and breaking the waves'

Achievement does not belong to one person, but to a team. TOMUU organizes a high-quality team. The whole company is divided into two parts, the administrative area and the production area. The administrative staff are engaged in administrative work in the administrative office area, and the factory workers are engaged in production activities in the production area; the whole company is divided into 12 departments, respectively For the General Manager’s Office, Finance Department, Human Resources Department, Engineering Department, R&D Department, Quality Department, Business Department, Customer Service Department, PMC Department, Production Assembly Department, Injection Molding Department, Production Machining Department; Cooperate to build a high-quality and efficient team.

 TOMUU will forge ahead in 'riding the wind and breaking the waves'

Success does not belong to one person, it belongs to a generation. The unique corporate culture of TOMUU has attracted a group of managers with goals and ideals to gather together. They are fully responsible for the work of the department, work diligently in their management positions, and contribute their strength to the progress of TOMUU.


It has to be said that the development and growth of a company is inextricably linked to the vision and strategy of the company’s leaders. Under the management of the Singaporean General Manager Wang Zhenrong, TOMUU is thriving, the scale of the company continues to expand, and the level of manufacturing research and development continues to improve. , The professionalism of the management team has been continuously enhanced, the administrative work has become more and more smooth, the production and processing have become more and more standardized, the product quality has become more and more guaranteed, and the customer group has become more and more abundant.

In the pursuit of excellence, TOMUU and all employees never stop!