TOMUU ventilation system linear actuator-U12


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TOMUU efficient and intelligent solution to farm animal husbandry ventilation system-U12

 Composition of environmental control ventilation system:

1. Central controller: This is the core part of the environmental control system. It can control the operation of fans, ventilated small windows, roller blinds, wet curtains, lights, heating and other equipment by sensing the temperature or pressure of indoor and outdoor air to achieve different The automatic control of the seasonal ventilation mode provides suitable environmental conditions for different flocks.

2. Tunnel ventilation small window 2/3/4 type: You can choose to install 2, 3 and 4 grid tunnel ventilation small windows at one end of the wall to form a tunnel ventilation mode.

3. Air inlet small window: The air inlet small window is completely made of plastic, which is easy to clean and has a long life. It is equipped with standard parts and standard brackets and is easy to install. Its special valve can be opened to different degrees. When it is hot in summer, it opens to the maximum position to form a tunnel ventilation mode. When it is cold in winter, it opens to the minimum ventilation position. This can ensure a quantitative and directional fresh air supply to meet different seasons. The environmental requirements, while avoiding the formation of condensate in winter, are divided into roof inlet small windows and side wall inlet small windows.

4. Electric linear actuator: Cooperate with the linear drive motor of the tunnel ventilation small window and the inlet small window switch, which can accurately position the opening degree of the small window and realize high-precision ventilation management.

TOMUU efficient and intelligent solution to farm animal husbandry ventilation system-U12

TOMUU specializes in the R&D and manufacturing of the animal husbandry industry chain pusher type electric window opener, breeding pig farm and chicken house electric window opener, ventilation window reduction motor, breeding electric window opener chicken house duck house The push rod of the electric ventilation window, the surface of the linear actuator is made of special materials with anti-corrosion treatment, which is especially suitable for agriculture, animal husbandry and industrial equipment. The high-thrust window opener can be applied to larger windows and top windows, with explosion-proof and fireproof functions, strong locking force, and a signal transmission function with a protection level up to IP66.

 TOMUU efficient and intelligent solution to farm animal husbandry ventilation system-U12

The advantages of TOMUU Livestock Electric Linear Actuator are as follows:

1. Imported potentiometer: 10K ,failure rate is almost zero, timely feedback, accurate position feedback, as shown in the figure

2. Support retail, one piece start, batch price discount

3. AC and DC dual-use, applicable at home and abroad, can be customized

4. Exterior paint treatment, anti-corrosion, waterproof, washable, ip66

5. NUT and outer tube mold optimization

6. Built-in limit switch, can stop in time, protect the linear actuator

7. Install a fixed seat, add a grip, firm, stable, and will not move without exceeding the load

8.Improvement of the electric linear actuator nut and outer tube of TOMUU Animal Husbandry

TOMUU has never given up its efforts in the pursuit of quality and technical improvement, pursuing excellence and quality service.