See you in The 18th (2020) China International Animal Husbandry Expo


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TOMUU Exhibition News


TOMUU  will take part in  The 18th (2020) China International Animal Husbandry Expo 

Exhibition Name: The 18th(2020) China International Animal Husbandry Expo

Date: September 4-6, 2020

Exhibition hall: Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center

Exhibition scale: total exhibition area of  214,000 square meters, 148 meeting rooms, and 6000 standard indoor booths

Organizer: China Animal Husbandry Association





Booth: EW03-EW04


Exhibits: TOMUU Linear Actuator ventilation system for agricultural livestock breeding


Product advantages:


●AC and DC dual-use


●Adopt high precision screw and motor


● Equipped with potentiometer, accurate positioning


●Waterproof, durable, long life, efficient and intelligent to solve the problem of ventilation


●Strong stability, strong structural design


●Strong self-locking force function, built-in adjustable stroke limit switch


●TOMUU supporting provides hinge type installation accessories, easy to install, can adjust the installation position


 TOMUU  will take part in  The 18th (2020) China International Animal Husbandry Expo

Exhibition Introduction: The CAHE is the largest comprehensive animal husbandry exhibition in the country hosted and undertaken by the China Animal Husbandry Association. It has been successfully held for 17 sessions, with more than 1,200 domestic and foreign well-known enterprises participating in more than 30 countries and regions every year for many consecutive years Obtained the 5A-level exhibition certification from the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, and the Ministry of Commerce focused on contacting the exhibition. Innovation, development, and win-win cooperation, constantly innovating and enriching the connotation of the exhibition concept, exhibition services and exhibition content, have made the exhibition always at the forefront of the industry, and played a huge role in the development of the industry and foreign exchanges, effect. The eighteenth (2020) China Animal Husbandry Expo, with an exhibition area of 140,000 square meters, will continue to explore and innovate in exhibition planning, key exhibitions, supporting conferences, exhibition services, Internet applications, etc., so that exhibitors and visitors can enjoy more reasonable , Convenient, thoughtful exhibition efficiency and exhibition experience, enhance the quality of the exhibition.

   TOMUU looks forward to seeing you at The 18th (2020) China International Animal Husbandry Expo from September 4th to 6th, 2020!