Safety precautions for using electric actuators in summer

As a common use equipment, electric putter, what should we pay attention to during the summer use?

1: The hot summer temperature will eventually lead to a high temperature in the use environment. Because the electric push rod continues to be used under high temperature conditions, it will greatly reduce the service life. At this time we ensure the ventilation of the operating environment and ensure that the temperature cannot be too high. Conditions The electric actuator must work for about 2 hours and then stop for 5-10 minutes;

2: The process of summer is actually a season with relatively high humidity, especially in the southern part of the rainy season. Because the piston rod part of the electric push rod itself is a metal product, it is very prone to leakage, so we must always check the electric push rod. If the electrical wiring of the device is subject to wear, you must wear safety equipment to prevent electric shock during operation.

3: Generally, the lubricating oil of electric push rods has a temperature limitation. If the temperature is too high, the viscosity of the lubricating oil will be lowered, which will increase the wear of the contact parts. .

Electric putter is the core component of home appliances

In our working life, electric pusher is an indispensable key core component of many household appliances. Large equipment such as hydraulic presses for industrial and mining enterprises, electric ordinary equipment, piston equipment, and electric sofas as small as home all need to use this equipment. However, although the electric push rod uses a strong metal casing to protect the equipment from the outside, its fragile internal circuit control system must be paid more attention during use.

Among them, the most likely cause of the failure of the internal circuit control system is our electromagnetic interference. Electromagnetic interference is due to the conduction and electrical radiation generated by devices in the network environment similar to electromagnetic coils during the use of current and voltage. The destructive effect will cause the abnormality of the internal pulse clock system of electronic components, and eventually lead to the phenomenon of asynchronous use of our electric actuators.

Electric actuator stroke control

The design of electric drive is inseparable from the stroke control device. The stroke control device is an important part of the electric push rod series. He drives the lead screw to drive the corresponding limit rod to do the corresponding movement through the motor and worm drive to make the work achieve the purpose. At this time, the limit switch is used to limit the lever knife stroke of the electric push rod and stop!

With the progress of history and adaptation to various situations, the current formation control device can be roughly divided into three forms: gear type. Turbine worm type, and optional power distribution device with encoder for intermittent use. The design of the stroke control device needs to be matched with the stroke of the electric push rod.

Transmission principle of electric putter

Electric putter is a relatively important linear transmission mechanism in transmission equipment. With the continuous improvement of automation requirements, factory equipment has now been widely used. There are three main types of electric push rod transmission principles.

The first type: gear transmission + lead screw nut structure, mainly the rotation of the motor is transmitted to the lead screw for rotary motion through the reduction gear gear transmission. They are fixed together, so that the putter can perform linear movement, and the putter is extended and retracted through the forward and reverse movement of the motor.

The second type: worm gear + screw nut structure, mainly the motor's rotary motion is transmitted to the screw for rotary motion through the worm gear, the screw's rotary motion drives the nut to perform linear motion, and the protruding push rod part and nut They are fixed together, so that the putter can perform linear movement, and the putter is extended and retracted through the forward and reverse movement of the motor.

Third type: Synchronous pulley + screw nut structure, mainly the rotation of the motor is transmitted to the screw for rotation through the synchronous pulley transmission. The rotation of the screw drives the nut to perform linear motion. The nuts are fixed together, so that the push rod can perform linear movement, and the push rod is extended and retracted through the forward and reverse movement of the motor.

Reasons for electric actuators to stop running

No matter it is an electro-hydraulic putter or an electric putter, occasionally it will stop during operation. What is going on?

You can analyze the cause of this failure through the following phenomenon. Through analysis, it is found that most of the stoppages in the operation of the putter are caused by blockage. When the electric pusher and the electro-hydraulic flat gate are used for operation, the electro-hydraulic putter will lose its original function under the action of pressure. Force, the end result is a blockage of the device overload.

In view of this situation, it is necessary to exert an effect at the end of the operation of the electric putter and the electro-hydraulic putter. In this way, the adverse effect of the hydraulic valve on the electro-hydraulic putter can be appropriately reduced, thereby ensuring its efficient and normal operation and avoiding stoppages.

Analysis of safety performance of electric putter

Electric putter is a kind of putter equipment widely used in modern industry. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people's requirements for the safety of production and life have also increased. When using this kind of electric putter, people often think like this, is it safe to operate this kind of electric putter? Will there be any security issues. After all, human life is only once, everyone must be careful in the daily operation process. So, what exactly is the safety performance of this electric putter?

First, the principle and safety of electric putter

1.The working principle of the electric push rod is that the motor rotates to reduce the speed of the turbine worm or gear to change to linear motion, which drives the lead screw to work to achieve a reciprocating motion of a certain device. In recent years, this equipment has been widely used in various simple and complex mechanical equipment transmissions. The main components of the electric push rod are: motor, reduction gear, turbine worm, nut, lead screw, travel switch, potentiometer, mounting bracket, etc.

2. Electric push rod screws are divided into two types of ordinary T-shaped teeth and ball screws. Ordinary T-shaped teeth are suitable for occasions where the working frequency is not too high, and the electric push rod works about 10 times per hour, which can be completely satisfied. T-tooth electric push rod can realize full self-locking function to ensure the absolute safety of the application. 3. The electric push rod tooth screw is completely self-locking, and the ball screw electric push rod does not have a self-locking function, but by providing a braking device on the motor, the motor is braked by a brake holding device. Realized the high-power self-locking of the electric push rod at any position. The self-locking performance is better than that of the T-shaped screw. The self-locking coefficients in this state are all less than 0.25. It not only meets the functional requirements, but also increases the security of the final product.

Second, the advantages of electric putter

This kind of electric push rod has a large load, high precision, and can realize synchronous automation control. These product characteristics make it particularly widely used in mechanical equipment processing and manufacturing industries. It has been used in a large number of applications, and has gradually replaced oil cylinders, cylinders, and hydraulic cylinders. Through the understanding of the appeal, we know that the safety performance of this electric putter is still in compliance with the specifications. I believe that the electric putter will develop better in the near future.

Technical parameters of mini electric actuators for sweepers

Miniature electric push rods for sweepers. The push rods of sweepers are all pulling force and do not need thrust. At present, the putters on the market are all push forces and there is no pulling force, so the electric push rods are damaged so frequently Your company's cleaning trucks have been sold. If the actuators are damaged, the door-to-door service is required. The return travel is also an extra cost for your company. This problem has caused a serious headache for many cleaning truck manufacturers. We believe your organization is no exception.

So at all costs, after two years of hard design and destructive testing, we finally developed a pull rod dedicated to the sweeper, not a thrust rod.

How to expand the new market of electric putter

In 2014, with the continuous balance of the domestic supply and demand ratio, coupled with the continued decline in foreign markets, the demand for electric putters in 2014 decreased by 9.8% compared with the previous year. In the previous year, it increased by 5%, output increased by 7.8%, and sales increased by 4%.

From the above statistics, the demand for electric actuators in the previous year has decreased significantly, but sales have increased, indicating that in 2014, the entire market has significantly reduced the demand for traditional low-quality electric actuators with low quality and excellent quality. Demand for high-priced electric actuators is still increasing.

So how can production-oriented enterprises survive the competition and get a share of it?

First of all, large-scale enterprises should continue to develop their own sufficient capital and strong advantages of scientific research team capabilities, continue to impact the high-end market, expand their share, and target the electric actuator industry market.

The investigation and supply and demand forecast put the main energy into product R & D and production with good efficiency and cost recovery.

How to survive for small-scale enterprises, small-scale electric putter production enterprises usually do things like OEM and imitation due to the lack of their own strength, but as the demand in the low-end market continues to decrease, plus more The small-scale production industry joins the competition, so it still stays in the traditional mode and it is easy to fail to establish a foothold. Here we recommend the expansion mode of SMEs.

1; Increase investment in e-commerce promotion. Small-scale enterprises have limited funds. In order to build their own brands, in the case of large-scale investment, you can appropriately choose the sales model of the online platform and strive to get rid of the traditional telephone marketing model as soon as possible to increase yourself. Sales channels. At the same time, the cost of online sales is also a little more saving than the traditional model.

2; In the case that the quality of the product cannot be improved, it can cooperate with some large-scale enterprises to enhance their strength through distribution.

3; Because small-scale enterprises have small output, insufficient scientific research, and low quality, they can focus on propaganda and sales in underdeveloped regions, on the one hand, improve their service level, and also look at some backward regions abroad, such as Southeast Asia Wait.